Thoughts for the Journey

Thoughts for the Journey

The reality of temptation in our lives is a human struggle we all face. Adam and Eve succumbed

to temptation in their desire to be God. Paul suggests in Romans 5.12 that death entered the

human condition through Adam’s transgression. Today, most Christian theology suggests that we

have the free will to avoid our own temptations. But, we cannot do it alone. Our faith in the power

of Jesus Christ to direct our lives provides the courage and the strength to resist our temptations.

Jesus asked the disciples to stay awake and be with him in the garden during his last hours. The

disciples had the ability to stay awake with Jesus in the garden, but they abandoned him and fell

asleep. During Lent, think about how you have fallen asleep and abandoned Jesus on your faith

journey. Pray that Jesus, the Author of Life, will keep you awake to smell the roses and walk with

him in the garden of grace.

Blessing of the Lenten Journey,     Pastor Lenore


Thoughts for the Journey:

Light allows us to see, plants to grow and produce oxygen, and keeps us warm. The sun has been

nurturing life on earth for four billion years and without it there would be no life on earth. But

what about the light within each of us? Physically, the human body stores light. In the 100 trillion

atoms in each of our hundred trillion cells there is 10 to 28th power number of photons. That is

enough light to illuminate a baseball field for three hours with one million watts of floodlights.

Spiritually, all major religions and philosophies consider light to be a supreme symbol of life and

meaning. As Christians, we believe Jesus is the light of the world. Because of Jesus, we have a

connection to the divine and to each other. As his disciples, we are Jesus’ light bears and beacons

of hope to the world. How have you kept the light on this week? Have you helped light the way?

In the Boundless Love and Light of Christ,      Pastor Lenore

Thoughts for the Journey

“God equips us to the world about God’s generosity though our living and giving.

When the Bible refers to wealth, it’s not talking about the abundance of money. It’s talking

about all the gifts God provides-the seeds of time, talents, gifts, and all our resources that God

has placed in our hands. It’s about being God’s disciples and planting those seeds, watching them

grow and co-creating God’s reign. We are accountable for using those resources to change

people’s lives, in the name of Jesus, who came to save the world. God has hard-wired our hearts

to make a contribution to God’s economy of a loving, just and merciful world; to create a legacy

for those who are yet to be born.


This week be in prayer about: Do I believe that God provides in every way or do I fear I will not

have enough? Can I trust and have faith in God’s abundance? Hoe does my living and giving

align with what Jesus taught us? How is my heart leading me to contribute to God’s dream for

our church and the world? Trust the Lord will guide you.

In the Boundless Love and Abundance of Christ.     Pastor Lenore


Thoughts for the Journey

John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, had three directives on the use of money–

earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can. God doesn’t print money, but provides the

seeds of time, talent, and treasures for us to plant and grow into God’s economy. Generously and

abundance are God’s plan for our lives. In 2 Corinthians 9.11 it states, “You will be made rich

in every way so that you can be generous in every way.” In John 10.10, Jesus said “I come that

they might have life and have it abundantly.” This week be in prayer about: How can I live more

simply or under my means? How can I cultivate generosity? Do I have a budget that includes

saving and giving all I can? What plan can I make toward tithing (10%) of my income? Trust the

Lord will guide you.

In the Boundless Love and Abundance of Christ,  Pastor Lenore