Thoughts for the Journey


Thoughts for the Journey

The aprable of the Good Samaritan is Jesus’ way of getting us to ask ourselves, “Am I willing, to

be a Good Samaritan to other people when needd? If I see a person lying in a ditch somewhere

or in trouble on the highway or on subway tracks in distress, would I risk myself to help? Am I

willing to be a Good Samaritan even to those who look, speak, and act differently than I? When

our hearts are in tune with God, we see the face of Christ in all those in need. Ask yourself the

question: Who is my neighbor?

In the Boundless Love of Christ,   Pastor Lenore


Thoughts for the Journey

Planting takes time, diligence, and faith. What a person plants, s/he will harvest. The person who

plants selfishness, ignoring the needs of others (and God)—harvests a crop of weeds. But the one

who plants the seeds of God’s love, who lets God’s Spirit do the growing, harvests a crop that brings

of real life to themselves and the world. God is in charge of the harvest, but what we choose to do

with our lives is up to us. We can live consciously as Christ’s followers and light bearers, bringing

goodness and mercy to all we do or not. What kind of needs have you planted in the name of

Christ Jesus? Is your life filled with a blossoming faith? Are you ready to experience the harvest?

Blessings of Life,   Pastor Lenore


Thoughts for the Journey

The key to a healthy life is to keep a balance between our exercise and nutrition, work and play,

solitude and time in community. This balancing act helps us to stay whole by tending to mind,

body and spirit. However, despite our best efforts to manage our lives, keep things under control

and feel in charge, life is what happens when we are planning something else. A balanced life is

just not possible without God. Tending your soul is essential work to being healed and whole.

This week take some Sabbath time and listen for the still, small voice of God. It’s in God’s

whispers that new life can be found in amazing ways.

In the Boundless Love of Christ,    Pastor Lenore