Thoughts for the Journey

Thoughts for the Journey

What does hospitality look like anchored in God’s grace? How can we reflect God’s unconditional

acceptance? How does Christ welcome us, invite us to follow him? Hospitality is a mark of Christian

discipleship, a quality of Christian community. It is a concrete expression of our commitment to grow

in the likeness of Christ, by seeing ourselves and all others as part of the body of Christ. Jesus never

turned anyone away and invited everyone to experience God’s amazing, endless love. We all belong

to the body of Christ because of someone’s intentional, radical hospitality. So, to all here who are

filled with the beauty and peace of God’s creation this morning.

“You’re Welcomed Here!”


Thoughts for the Journey

In the time of Jeremiah in 600 BCE, there were many shapes and sizes of pottery that were

produced. Huge storage jars carried grain.Wine and olive oil were stored and shipped in smaller

ones. There were miniature juglets, chalices, broad opem bowls, and cooking pots. Life was carried

in pottery (think no mass transit, no stainless steel, no plastic).

   In our culture today, we like to have boundaries between the sacred and the secular and between

work and worship. It’s interesting that Jeremiah recieves a revelation from God while watching an

ordinary worker doing ordinary work. Could this mean that it is possible for any of us to “hear from

God” in the ordinary and every day of life? That all of life is sacred? Whatever we are, God is there

with us spinning the potter’s wheel, creating, and re-creating, finishing and decorating our lives

with grace and purpose. We are each uniquely designed in all shapes and sizes, to be one in

Jesus Christ. To be an open vessel to carry God’s life-giving force in the world. Will you take a spin

on the potter’s wheel?

In the Boundless Love of Christ,   Pastor Lenore


Thoughts for the Journey

We are able to hear, even before we are born, yet our first words usually aren’t spoken until

around nine months od age. We hear a lot of words before we can actually speak them. In the

Jeremiah passage today, God calls hin into service as a young prophet to go where God sends him,

and speak what God tells him. God shows him the way. We too can speak for God. But, first we

need hear God’s ways and direction thorough the life and teachings of Jesus. As Christ enters

into our hearts and minds, we are born anew and saying “Yes, I hear you Lord, send me” becomes

who we are as disciples. Will you hear God’s Call?

In the Boundless Love of Christ,  Pastor Lenore


Thoughts for the Journey

The aprable of the Good Samaritan is Jesus’ way of getting us to ask ourselves, “Am I willing, to

be a Good Samaritan to other people when needd? If I see a person lying in a ditch somewhere

or in trouble on the highway or on subway tracks in distress, would I risk myself to help? Am I

willing to be a Good Samaritan even to those who look, speak, and act differently than I? When

our hearts are in tune with God, we see the face of Christ in all those in need. Ask yourself the

question: Who is my neighbor?

In the Boundless Love of Christ,   Pastor Lenore