Thoughts for the Journey

Thoughts for the Journey

Gospel Trail

Singin’ on the Grounds

Saturday – August 18, 2018

Cornerstone Friends Church – Rt. 528 – Madison

11:00am – 8:00pm


Canned Goods, Paper Products for Local Food Pantries

For more information  contact Brad at 440-669-3147 or visit

Thoughts for the Journey

We have all lost something in our lives. Perhaps a set of keys, our lunch money, a pair of socks.

Perhaps we have lost a loved one, a relationship, a job, or a favorite pet. Maybe we have

even lost our faith along the way, after an unexpected turn in our lives, and we wonder,

where is God? Will we be lost or found? God will go to the ends of the earth and

beyond to find you, just as a shepherd will look for one lost sheep. We are all

part of God’s lost and found….that once found, we might lead others to the

Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ, who watches us and sets us free.

In Christ’s Boundless Love,       Pastor Lenore

Thoughts for the Journey

It’s said that everyone loves a parade. Whether it’s the band playing, the floats, or

seeing the people we know marching with gret zeal, it’s a time of celebration and fun.

Why can’t church be the same? A place of celebration and fun? In the Old Testament

(2 Samuel 6.5) we hear that “David and the whole company of Israel were in the parade,

singing at the top of their lungs and playing mandolins, harps, tambourines, castanets

and cymbals.” When we put our whole selves in to being disciples, everything we do is a

celebration of God’s love and we can have fun in whatever we do.

How would your faith look…our church look… if we put our whole selves in?

And danced as if no one was watching?

In Christ’s Boundless Love,        Pastor Lenore

Thoughts for the Journey

Fathers are important. They are important as role models for both boys and girls to show

what a good man should be: strong, protective, and also capable of feeling and expressing

love, faithfulness, and devotion. Even when our fathers are no longer present in our lives our

memories of them are always there, providing guidance. The knowledge of what a father

should be is not only found in our earthly fathers, but in our Father in Heaven.

He models the qualities of love, protection, and sacrifice that are essential in being a

good father. How much better our world would be if we all used our Heavenly Father

as the role model for our lives.

In God’s Boundless Love,         Ruthann Strother


Thoughts for the Journey

Pentecost is a celebration! A party where the disciples and all who were present

were called together to witness the Holy Spirit. God appears in the form of wind,

fire, and different languages (tongues). The wind shows us God’s power, the fire

God’s purifying love and light of the world, language God’s Word that creates and 

brings life. A new era has begun! All are empowered to proclaim the Gospel of the

risen Christ. Pentecost calls us to move from our  secure and comfortable places

to be on fire for the Lord! To bring healing and wholeness to a broken and

fragmented world, justice and freedom to the oppressed. What a gift God

has given. Open it up and celebrate! Be on Fire for the Lord!

In God’s Boundless Love,       Pastor Lenore