Thoughts for the Journey

Thoughts for the Journey

Give a person a fish, feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish, feed them for a Lifetime.


Thoughts for the Journey:

In Luke 17, even the Apostles asked Jesus, “Increase our faith!” The journey of faith is not automatic or a straight line. Nor does is just appear one day at our door in a big box, neatly and beautifully wrapped. It is a journey replete with twists and turns, mountaintops and valleys, fears and doubts. It is a journey that takes time, discipline, prayer and patience. The outcome is we realize our citizenship is in heaven – right now! Today we celebrate with our Christian brothers and sisters across the globe.   Whether it is Brazil, Nairobi, Hong Kong, or Sweden, we come to the  table together in celebration of this Holy Meal. Our breads might be of different, but we will all break, eat and give thanks to the bread of life, Jesus Christ.  Our cups might contain wine or grape juice, be wooden or ceramic but we will all drink of the cup of healing and hope, thanking the Lord of Life. My prayer is that you are blessed by breaking bread with someone new to Christ and their heavenly citizenship this week.In God’s Boundless Love, Pastor Lenore


Thoughts for the Journey

Taking hold of the life that really is lifeisn’t about what we qon or the wealth we amass.

Riches, Paul tells us, are uncertain – but, we love money! Money givs us identity. It gives us

power and a sense of seurity. In 1 Timothy 6 (v.9), Paul tells us that the “love of money is

the source of all kinds of evil,” because we love money over God. Life that really is life is

about placing our trust in God who richly provides all things. As Christains, the good race

of faith is run by being a servant to what God treasures, surrendering or yielding joyfully to

the living Christ – ourselves, our time, our talents, our gofts. As we live in the love and light

of Jesus Christ, we experience the life that rally is life……and know that God’s love never fails.

In the Boundless Love and Light of Christ,    Pastor Lenore


Thoughts for the Journey

A balm is a salve, a medicine that is fragrant and smooth. It penetrates deep into the tissue and,

circulates around the dry or hurtung area to make it well again. Our hymn says. :There is a balm

in Gilead to make the wounded whole, there is a balm in Gilead, to heal the sin sick soul” Jesus is the

balm, the healing salve, bringing salvation (healing) for each of us and the world. As disipples, we are

to be the gentle spreaders of that healing balm, telling others about the endless love and grace of

Jesus Christ. Have you allowed Jesus to enter deeply into your soul? Has be brought you healing?

Spread the word!

In the Boundless Love and Light of Christ,     Pastor Lenore