Thoughts for the Journey

Thoughts for the Journey

The visit of Mary to Elizabeth, reveals that we are on the journey together as

God provides a new song for our hearts. How can we participate in the coming

reign of Christ and the constant renewal of life that only God can provide?

In each moment of our lives, we honor God who shows us the way through

the life and words of Jesus, and gives us companions—our sisters and brothers

in Christ. But ultimately, each of us must actively prepare our hearts during

this Advent season, if we are to be part of what is being born at Christmas.

How are you preparing the way for Christ to enter in?

In God’s Boundless Love,             Pastor Lenore

Thoughts for the Journey

While the Advent of the Messiah is marked with hopeful expectation, preparing

for that arrival places demands upon our lives. In our journey to Bethlehem, we

encounter life and unexpected challenges. Like Joseph, we have to confront our

complacency, search our hearts for places to change our lives in order to make a

wide-open space for Christ to enter. Christ is coming—bringing hope, eagerness,

and anticipation, but also a little trepidation. How can our lives reflect the light of

Christ and the great joy of his birth?

In God’s Boundless Love,                             Pastor Lenore


Thoughts for the Journey:

Today we begin the Advent season of waiting. From the Latin adventus, which means

coming, we wait in hope for Jesus to come again. Today we meet Mary, the mother of God.

A young girl who said yes! to God’s request that she bear Jesus, the Savoir of the world.

She did this at great risk to her own life. Being with child and engaged to Joseph, but not

married, she would have been shunned from her community or even loose her life.

Think of Mary this season-the depth of her faith and the trust she had in God’s promises.

How can we risk to say yes! to God’s requests of us? May we have the deep and abiding

faith of Mary.

In God’s Boundless Love,          Pastor Lenore


Thoughts for the Journey

Today the cycle of the Christian year comes to an end with a day that celebrates and

proclaims Christ’s Lordship over all things. Weather we call it “Christ the King” or by the

more contemporary name, “The Reign of Christ,” the message is the same-Jesus Christ is

Lord, the image of the invisible God. This Sunday brings to mind images of royalty and

power, strength and might. But our scriptures point to a different kind of ruler  – a

Shepard that seeks us, who will bring us back when we have strayed, who saves us. God’s

reign is not about the privilege of power, but justice and mercy, righteousness and love.

Ephesians reminds us that through Christ, everything on earth and in heaven has been

reconciled to God and we are God’s right -hand people! As disciples we are to help

bring Christ’s reign in the here and now with full assurance that one day Christ will

come again and all nations will bow before him. Heaven will be here!

In the Boundless Love of Christ,                                      Pastor Lenore