Thoughts for the Journey

Thoughts for the Journey:

Today we celebrate Ascension Sunday. The day when Jesus returns to heaven

after the resurrection. Believing in the witness and testimony of Jesus Christ,

is the foundation of Christianity. As the church and as disciples who accept the

witness and testimony of Christ, did you know we are appointed to be the

witnesses to God’s amazing love for all? Creating on earth as it is it is in heaven?

Ephesians 1.20-23 tells us we can rely on the power of Jesus to be his church

in the world – “Endless energy! Boundless strength! All from Christ who is in

charge of it all – from galaxies to governments. He has the final word on everything.

At the center of all this, Christ rules the church. The church, you see, is not 

peripheral to the world the world is peripheral to the church. Can I have a witness

of how Chapel UMC will be the center of life in our community?

In God’s Boundless Love,      Pastor Lenore