Christian Education

Christian Education

 The purpose of Christian Education is to welcome one another in the name of Jesus Christ, to experience together the transforming power of God’s presence, and to discover ways and means to respond to God’s invitation to be God’s people in the world.

Whether it is in a children’s Sunday School class, an adult Sunday School class, a mid-week Bible study, or in a small group, we will always study, pray, and worship together and be led into a deeper commitment to live as Christ’s disciples in the world.


Sunday School


 Classes meet each Sunday at 11:A.M.

Everyone—from Pre-K to teens, moms and dads, and all other adults—study the same Bible Point in an age-appropriate way.  Sunday School lessons equip the participants with memorable Bible learning plus interactive teaching tools that engage and captivate learners.  Lessons are designed to encourage faith development beyond Sunday so faith grows all week long.

Lessons provide activity choices to help family members put their faith into action each week while at home.  Each week the age-appropriate resources make Bible lessons memorable as well as fun for all age levels.