Our History

Chapel United Methodist Church
A Brief History

The first Methodist class in North Madison was organized in 1833 by Mr. J.C. Ayers. There were thirteen members. The following year the Log Chapel was erected. It was a rude, uncouth affair about twenty by twenty-six feet, built on the site of the present Chapel Church. It was christened with the name which is still attached to this location.


In 1851, the congregation erected what is today the upper level of Chapel UMC, only to have to raise the structure in 1906 to put in a basement to house our first coal burning furnace. During the early 1900’s Chapel shared the minister with Park United Methodist Church in Madison Village. The morning services were held at Park and Chapel had their services on Sunday afternoon.


Chapel church has gone through the ebb and flow of times. During the Great Depression the attendance was so low that it was not surprising if there were only five people at a Sunday service with one of them being the minister. In the 1950’s the Conference called on Gladstone Brown to serve as minister to both churches. They asked him to evaluate the small church in North Madison to see if it should be shut down. After just a few months, he told the Conference that Chapel was a small church with great potential. It was during his term with Chapel that the congregation once again raised the building, put in the full basement, including Sunday school classrooms and a kitchen. During the 1960’s, under the guidance of David Lyons and Dale Sanford, our congregation grew. Soon it was apparent that we needed more room. Through hard work and lots of prayer we were able to raise funds to have our present day Sanctuary built.


In the last 175 years, over fifty documented ministers have served the people of the church at the corner of Chapel and Hubbard. Each made vows to bring God’s word to the people and make disciples of Jesus Christ. May Chapel United Methodist Church continue to grow and flourish with the love and guidance of the Shepherds that God provides.